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Startup Founder's Profile

After characterization, positioning, and setting goals, we started doing daily profile activity as we targeted venture capital funds, potential investors, and companies we would like to collaborate with.

The founder's profile was facelifted, and they started to post twice a week.
In addition, we built a tailor-made strategy for the connections campaign regarding the startup's road map.

6 months later, they gained 300K+ impressions and 1400+ new followers.
They got DMs from VCs who turned them down earlier, and with one viral post, they got twelve invitations to collaborate.

■■■■■  is an agri-tech startup that reduces the ecological footprint of industrial greenhouses. The founder needed help building a reputation and reflecting values on LinkedIn.

Objectives & Goals

Our goal was to enhance brand recognition among industry leaders, increase engagement, and expand their network prior to initiating the Series A round.

5 KPIs

Post Impressions 



Profile Views

Relevant Leads

Starting Point

6 Months Later

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